About Us

About the Founders

HORNE was imagined, created and brought to life by Ryan Walker and Alissa Parker-Walker.

Alissa came from the Badlands of West Texas - the home of "Friday Night Lights" and the World's Largest Jack Rabbit. All flora and fauna either bites, pricks, sticks or stings. Ryan, the middle child between two loveable sisters, spent his early years romping in the fields of central Pennsylvania. Alissa and Ryan met during their freshman year at a small liberal arts college in PA and became fast friends.

Shortly thereafter, Alissa decided she and the liberal arts education had irreconcilable differences. She abandoned ship (and Ryan) and headed to the Golden State where she spent three years studying the fine art of photography. Ryan, more than content soaring through the halls of academia, finished his education in business and art, completely losing touch with Alissa.

Many years later, Ryan made a serendipitous phone call, and the pair ended up spending one whirlwind day in the Christmas trimmed streets of New York City. A couple of weeks later, Ryan, having acquired the necessary visas and his California Cool inoculations, packed up his life and moved west to the Golden Hills of California to be with Alissa.

Having given up his job and graduate school, Ryan spent his sun-soaked days dreaming of a finely curated online boutique that carried beautiful objects from around the world. Alissa, with her keen eye for style and attention to detail, knew the pair could make this a reality. They re-located to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, record homicides and the real Cheesesteak, and began work on what is now HORNE - a name chosen because of its importance in Alissa's family history.

The pair worked endlessly for several years to bring you the most beautiful items they could find. Each piece offered on the website is created by talented designers from around the world. A blend of their personal styles (Ryan is a classic minimalist while Alissa is a free spirit) and the styles of their perspective upbringings (country rustic and eclectic European) helped the pair create a unique point-of-view for their boutique. Whether you're browsing for yourself or for someone else, we hope you enjoy!