Tom Dixon

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Mass Dining Table Mass Dining Table

Mass by Tom Dixon is huge chunks of heavyweight, metallic minimalism. Mass is confident, over-...

Wingback Chair - Elmosoft Leather Wingback Chair - Elmosoft Leather

A 17th century English archetype re-thought and updated for the 21st century. The...

Wingback Sofa Wingback Sofa

Plucked from the lounge of an 17th-century gentleman’s club, given a few 21st-...

Plane Chandelier Plane Chandelier

A new addition to the PLANE collection, where a confident use of simple geometric shapes creates...

Plane Drop Chandelier Plane Drop Chandelier
Plane is characterised by its simplicity and bold geometry: basic silhouettes made from a...
Bird Chaise Bird Chaise
The very rare and unusual furniture typology of the rocking chaise lounge is explored here...
Pylon Chair Pylon Chair
Originally created on a self-propelled mission to design the world’s lightest metal...
Melt Standing Chandelier Melt Standing Chandelier

With Melt, our experiments in the technologically-advanced field of vacuum metallization take on...

Slab Desk 6-Person Large Slab Desk 6-Person Large
With softly rounded edges, solid materiality and bold cable management slots, Slab is the...
Mirror Ball Tripod Stand - Multiple Mirror Ball Tripod Stand and Lamps

Robust stainless steel stand to accompany a maximum of 6 mirror balls. 


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