Nick Munro

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Domus Press Coffee Pot - LargeNick Munro Domus French Press Coffee Pot - Large

When Nick Munro was growing up, his dad had a garage full of tools, nuts, bolts and 'things...

Bistro Coffee Pot - Ebony HandleNick Munro Bistro French Press Coffee Pot

We love products with an interesting story. Designer Nick Munro didn't create this beautiful...

Trombone Cocktail ShakerNick Munro Trombone Cocktail Shaker

Inspired by the beauty and detail of the brass instruments & the sound and atmosphere at...

Trombone Water Jug Outlet - Trombone Water Jug

Outlet items are not returnable.

Trombone water pitcher made from 18/10 polished...

Spheres Sugar Bowl & SpoonWicker Handle - Nick Munro Spheres Sugar Bowl & Spoon Wicker Handle

Inspired by the beauty and variety of tea that was discovered by designer Nick Munro in a tea...

Nick Munro
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